The Cavalry Club as an Association of those who have taken an Oath of Loyal Service to the State binds itself to adhere to the Constitution of Ireland as by Law Established.

The Cavalry Club as such shall not associate itself with any political party, nor shall it concern itself with political controversy.

The objectives of the Club are :

The maintenance of contact between members, through the organisation of social and other functions,

The provision of Club facilities where practical, and pending that, such amenities as may be found possible,

The provision and/or circulation of such publications as may be of interest to the members,

To provide for, and when deemed necessary to expend funds on, the maintenance of the Cavalry Corps Memorial Garden in Plunkett Barracks, Curragh Camp, Co. Kildare,

The promotion of the welfare of the members of the Club and of ex-members of the Cavalry Corps,

To undertake any activity, or endeavour, considered necessary in furtherance of the above-named objects.